Clay Diya With Pure Ghee (Lemongrass Essential Oil)

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Diwali is a celebration of life and all the good that it has to offer; it is a time for togetherness, bonding and love. Purplebliss brings you Pure Cow Ghee filled Clay Diya to brighten up not only your homes but also your hearts.

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  • Natural and Handmade
  • No Wax
  • Pure Cow Ghee
  • Chemical free
  • Essential Oil Naturally Derived
  • Also, Used for Aroma Therapy
  • Hassle-free: Just place it at the desired location – Prayer hall / Decorations/Meditation and light it.

No of Diyas: 2 numbers – BIG

Burn Time: Each Diya burns more than 2 hours

products are truly natural and handmade. An environment of a divine aroma is filled during prayer time and meditation with Clay diya filled with Pure Ghee. These Clay Diyas do not contain paraffin wax. Essential oils used are naturally derived and procured from Auroville ashram. These Clay Diyas can also be used for aromatherapy as diffuser candles (And Ghee provides added benefit unlike wax diffusers).

Material Used: Clay Diya, Pure Cow ghee, Cotton Wicks, Natural Solidifier

Dimension: 7.5cms*6.5cms*3cms

Does the product come with a bulb: No

Ingredients: Clay Diya, Pure Cow ghee, Cotton Wicks,Lemongrass Essential Oil, Natural Solidifier

Burn Time: 120


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