DYU Pure Artisanal Honey, 315g


DYU. Pronounced [dh-yuh]. To glow. And that’s what you will find inside every bottle of Pure Artisanal DYU Honey.

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DYU. Pronounced [dh-yuh]. To glow. And that’s what you will find inside every bottle of Pure Artisanal DYU Honey. Viscous strings of delectable honey, the way it was meant to be, with very little man-made interference between the hive and your hands. Sourced from the Western Ghats, an area famous for its rich flora and fauna, that enhances the therapeutic quality of DYU honey. This multi-floral honey is extracted drop by drop, with a superior collection process that retains all its antioxidant charm and the superior taste. A gourmet-worthy potion, the artisanal unadulterated sweet gold once tasted will only leave you asking for more.

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Weight 315 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm

Pure Artisanal Honey

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The art of native bee keeping and communities/tribes foraging for honey has always been a part of human civilisation. Honey as some say is the first natural antiseptic and sweetener known to the animal world including homo sapiens.

While with man moving to agriculture and discovering cane sugar most of the regular requirement for sweetener shifted to Jaggery and then with the industrial revolution most of it shifted to chemically washed but beautiful looking white sugar. All this evolution relegated honey to rituals and medicinal use.

When we started researching about why our village honey that we daily consume since childhood is so much liked by us and all our friends we unearthed a wealth of information & history behind honey and that’s what inspired us to share this golden nectar with all fellow honey lovers.

India’s most widely available native bee species is Apis Cerana Indica – Commonly called Indian Honeybee. Apils Mellifera – commonly called European or Italian bee as the name suggests is an Italian honey bee that the British brought to India. Apart from Apis Cerana Indica, bee species native to the Indian subcontinent are Apis Dorsata (are aggressive and cant be domesticated – hence honey needs to be collected from jungles), Apis Florea and stingless bee – the yield of which is so low that tribals keep this for themselves. It’s a medicinal treasure for them.

Prior to the arrival of Apis Mellifera, the Indian bee keepers used to harvest honey from bee hives of Apis Cerana Indica bee. With the import of the commercially viable Italian bee and spread of beekeeping using this honey bee starting with the plains of India, ensured that the art of beekeeping using Apis Cerana – the native honey bee of the Indian subcontinent got confined to high tropical regions of the country like the western ghats of Karnataka, Kerala and North Eastern region. This was primarily because Apis Mellifera finds it difficult to survive in high tropical regions of the country.

The yield of Apis Cerana Indica bee is low compared to the European bee and thus most of the bee keepers in India using Apis Cerana are marginalized farmers/daily wage workers.

Tatva Agrotech through its DYU brand is striving to keep this art alive as well as improve the income levels of these small beekeepers. The Apis Cerana Indica bee keeping also helps in preserving the rich unique flora of western ghats as well as Indian subcontinent by encouraging native bee keeping. Native honey bee Apis Cerana is small in size thus helping the pollination of smaller medicinally rich flowers. This also helps in a way preserve fauna especially those surviving on small plants and berries.

Tatva aggrotech Pvt Limited intends to bring rich native bee honey from across geographies as well as products based on the honey ecosystem as a small contribution towards the upkeep of the ecology and the socio-economic betterment of the marginalized farmers.

Shelf Life

18 months from the date of manufacture

How to Use

The best choice as a natural sweet spread on Bread, Chapati, Dosa, Idli etc.


Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.




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