Mirabela Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil – 100 ml


Mirabela Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil is freshly extracted, 100% natural, pure, unrefined, raw and hand cold pressed oil enriched with Natural Vitamin E. 

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Mirabela Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil is freshly extracted, 100% natural, pure, unrefined, raw and hand cold pressed oil enriched with Natural Vitamin E. Finest Sweet Almonds are selected and hand crushed using traditional hand crushers which help extract oil without using heat, thus retaining its natural nutrient value. At Mirabela we press oil from seeds in small batches and you always get freshly extracted handmade cold pressed oil which is more potent than machine made cold pressed oil. The oil obtained by this method is rich in essential Omega6 fatty acid Vitamin (A, B1, B2, B6 & E and minerals (zinc & potassium). Suitable for all skin and hair types, providing a valuable addition to your daily beauty and wellness regimen. It is an Intensely Revitalizing beauty oil which is very lightweight (less viscous and non sticky) and quickly absorbed into the deepest layer of the skin.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Raw unrefined cold pressed virgin sweet almond oil, Natural Vitamin E

Shelf Life

3 months from the date of manufacture


"FACE OIL: Moisturizes and lightens the skin, imparts a radiating glow, delays skin aging, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles when used as facial oil.
HAIR OIL: This natural luxury oil can be used on both normal and chemically treated hair ( Color-treated / Keratin treated / Cysteine treated / Rebonded hair / smoothened). Regular chemical treatments makes the hair very dry and rough. Therefore this light weight, non sticky oil is enriched with Natural Vitamin E to nourish & moisturize the scalp giving softer and shinier looking hair.
BABY MASSAGE OIL: It is excellent for baby massage when compared to any other seed oil, as the fatty acids and Vitamin E from almond oil offer miraculous results. Regular massage with this oil helps lighten babies skin tone and gives soft and supple skin. It works to grow soft and silky quality of hair on the scalp. Mirabela Sweet Almond Oil gives better relaxation, better hair health, better bone development, better digestion, softer and fairer skin.
BODY MASSAGE OIL / POST PREGNANCY BODY MASSAGE OIL: The antioxidant property in Mirabela Sweet Almond Oil comes from the Natural Vitamin E and is therefore opted by new moms for their post-pregnancy massage to heal the skin and lightens the stretch marks. It also stimulates mindful relaxation. it is a very nourishing oil, essential to make up for your bodies nutrient loss, post pregnancy. Also helps in controlling post-pregnancy hair fall.
BEARD OIL: Gives excellent results when used as a pre-shave conditioner & beard oil. Makes the beard hair soft and shining and help it grow.
BELLY BUTTON OIL: Regular application of Mirabela Sweet Almond Oil at night on your the belly button gives you glowing skin and soft lips."


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